Pathway to Maturity

Pathway to Maturity is a course designed to take you deeper in your understanding of how God works in the life of believers to bring about the Image of Christ in our lives and to build a solid foundation to your faith

NCF 101

NCF 101 is an 8 week course focussed on building the foundations of Christian faith and enlarging your perspective for God's purpose in mission and community.  This course runs each week, join in on any week by contacting the office.

Prepare & Enrich

PREPARE/ENRICH is a widely recognised system for helping relationships in all situations. It runs in two basic streams:

PREPARE: For pre-marriage relationships

ENRICH: For married couples

Our Trained Facilitators will help you to identify and celebrate the strengths in your relationship and discover ways to strengthen weak areas.

PREPARE/ENRICH is suitable for all situations in a relationship including second marriages, older couples, blended families...etc.

Please contact the church office on 844-3081 if you would like to take part in a Prepare/Enrich course.

Valiant Man

This is a course that deals with men and issues that they may face addressing them with a Godly perspective.